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Services Offered

Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics


Root Canal Therapy

Cleaning and shaping your root canals
First your dentist makes an opening in your tooth and removes any filling and decay. Then your dentist removes unhealthy pulp with tiny flexible files. Using delicate up and down motions your dentist gently cleans and smoothes your canals to prepare them for the canal filling materials.

Filling your Root canals
After the pulp has been removed from your root canals and they have been smoothed, your dentist may fill the canals with tiny cone shaped pieces of gutta percha, a firm rubber-like material or use another dental material. A sealer cement is used to seal the filling material into place.

Restoring your tooth
After the inside of your tooth has been treated, the outside will be restored. To protect your tooth’s under laying structures and give your tooth a healthy appearance, and if your tooth needs extra support your dentist may remove some gutta percha and insert a post before the filling and crown are applied.

A post, Stainless Steel or another metal, is sometimes inserted in your root canal to build up your tooth after root canal therapy.

A filling, usually silver or a tooth colored dental material, may be used to fill the opening in front of your tooth.

A crown, usually gold or porcelain, may be used to cover a tooth that has large opening after root canal therapy.

After your Root Canal Therapy take care of your treated tooth the same way you would your other teeth. Brush after every meal and before going to bed.Also,have regular dental check-ups,cleaning and any other dental work you may need so your teeth last long as you do.


This dental speciality deals with the correction of malaligned teeth using removable or fixed appliances.

Removable appliances correct minor spacing , rotation etc.They can be removed by the patient.

Fixed appliances cannot be removed by the patient as they are fixed to the teeth using adhesive cements.

Straight wire or American technique and Begg or Australian technique are done at Ernakulam Dental Centre.

Myofunctional appliances are used to intervene and correct a developing malocclusion.


Though caries is widely prevalent gum disease is the most common cause of teeth loss in adults. Periodontics deals with the treatment of gum diseases. The various procedures done include:

Full Mouth Oral Prophylaxis or Scaling


Gingivectomy – overgrowth of gums can occur due to infection or due to the use of certain drugs.Gingivectomy is done to correct this.

Flap Surgery – procedure done to control infection that has extended to the bone supporting the tooth.

Frenectomy – Frenum is the band of tissue that extends from the inner aspect of lips to the outer aspect of gums both upper and lower. Sometimes this can extend between the teeth causing spacing. Frenectomy is done to correct this.

Most importantly the patient is educated about the proper brushing method and the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery


This branch of Dentistry deals with the surgical treatment of oral diseases.The various minor surgical procedures done under Local Anaesthesia include

Extraction or simple removal of teeth

Impaction – Removal of teeth that has not erupted or not erupted in proper position in the mouth.Most commonly impacted teeth are Wisdom teeth [lower] and canines [upper]

Cyst Enucleation – Removal of cysts

Alveolectomy – This is a surgical procedure done to prepare the bone before receiving a denture

Oral Medicine and Dental Radiology

Deals with the treatment of diseases affecting the hard and soft tissues of the mouth. Ernakulam Dental Centre has an in house Digital Dental Xray unit(Radiovisiograpy-RVG) which can be utilized for taking intraoral periapical and bitewing xrays.



Deals with replacement of missing natural teeth using removable or fixed partial dentures.

Fixed partial dentures are fixed to adjacent teeth. In patients with all their natural teeth removed a complete denture is advised.

Obturator is a removable appliance given to cleft palate patients in order to close the cleft and to facilitate eating.

Dental Implants are the most modern and innovative method to replace missing natural teeth.